Blenno die Wurstbrucke(fr) West Japan Tour

Blenno die Wurstbrucke(fr)
West Japan Tour


2018 5/5~5/15

Die Wurstbrucke + Yamato sekiguchi(Light) + Kenjiru Bien(dance)

・5/6 at Club Quattro (Hiroshima) – カレーとノイズ
Die Wurstbrucke (installation live at lounge)

・5/11 at ATHALL (OITA)
Die Wurstbrucke + Yamato sekiguchi(Light)

Die Wurstbrucke + Yamato sekiguchi(Light)

・5/14 at 菫舎 (NAGASAKI)
siego fukuda / Die Wurstbrucke + Yamato sekiguchi(Light)

・5/15 at NAVARO (KUMAMOTO) -Hyper chaos
Die Wurstbrucke + Yamato sekiguchi(Light)

here is a text from artist:
“my name as an artist/experimental musician is “Blenno and Die Wurstbrucke (sound povera)”sort of arte povera in installation, sound and performing with DIY object and tapes. I work in Paris, Teheran, barcelona, Berlin, poland, istanbul… I work with tapes (magnetic) and loops, modified cassette players, home made turntable, some times 8 beats sound or toy bending…etc I will be in korea for 2 festivals in the south (busan), …….., for a mixing of performance, music, art, and circuit bending and this is what i do: Comprarable to action painting i make a self constructed performative setting with element of absurdist theater, comic strip and arte povera. Most of the time i use what i get in the place i arrive to make all the performance: The scénographie, the dress, masks , collage, and music (instrument) so differrent lattitude diferent show! I tested my music (my show) at the bigining on the street just like a anarchist “demonstration” or like a mystical dervish begger. For that i was invited (for example) several time in thereran by some underground gallery To work and show what could be possible to do with scab we find in every city and how to make some noise in policed state (like in the TAZ theories). so i’am more a sort of noise-ambient musician that usually use theatralisation installation to perfect the effect of the music (an other application)!”



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