Circular continuum

circular continuum

Dynamo, motor and magnetism. Rotation is the source of electric energy that we can extract from nature, and it is the source of the
Clocks, time and cycles. Time is generated by rotation and carves an accumulation that seems infinite.
By rotation, we live in the great force of gravity, and on the micro level, the molecular dynamos continue to produce heat.
It is the rotation that measures and moves our world forward. It gives us the perspective that this world is a continuum. Just like a rotoscope, which is a primitive projection device, it projects the world in the form of a film roll that is connected and changes to us. If you strain your eyes, can you see us walking gracefully, frame by frame, sometimes lazily, through the streets?
What would happen, for example, if you tried to turn them so violently fast that they looked like one big dot that you couldn’t tell which way they were spinning?
I wanted to describe a data bank that exists on a non-linear time axis as a goal.
If there is such a thing as a place where information, time, and energy are swirling and just accumulating. There will be no beginning and no end there.
In a high-speed circular motion, every frame becomes a compressed, flickering small point, approaching stasis at the tip of the acceleration. Scales and time scales are distorted and lose their function, vectors are lost, and everything becomes electrically conductive as soon as the resistance reaches zero.
By giving up all the blind-eyed advances and letting go, your resistance will be zero, and you’ll finally have clear access to everything.
I created this work based on my paradoxical understanding of the circumferential motion.