Magnetic Interference by Three Coils「3台のコイルによる干渉景」


Magnetic Interference by Three Coils



装置・コンセプト:関口 大和

Date: 2019.8/9 – 8/12

瀬戸内国際芸術祭2019 ANTIBODIES collective 夏会期公式イベント

Venue; 犬島 藤原邸 



[Magnetic Interference by Three Coils]

concept / Equipment: Yamato Sekiguchi

Date: 2019.8/9 – 8/12

Venue | In front of Inujima Shizen-no-ie, Former Fujiwara House Setouchi Triennial 2019 Official event.

Using an electromagnetic field generator with three coils, search for invisible phenomena which exists as spectrum or interference between different energies using the body, fluorescent lamp, radio, etc. It will be developed as an intermedia installation and performance by releasing and visualization and auralization.